What really happens when you trade in your car?

Are you thinking about trading in your old ride to get yourself a new set of wheels?

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down on a Road With No Shoulder

Even if you own a brand-new car, no car is perfect, and you should know what to do in the unfortunate situation of a breakdown. Tires blow out, engines overheat and sometimes, even more serious things can give way. Typically you pull to the side of the road, but how can you avoid danger in situations where there’s no shoulder on the road?

Lane Courtesy or Law–A California Cultural Examination

While the NMA has been increasingly promoting left lane courtesy for years, I can compare several states in which I have lived or worked. California is far worse than Maryland, DC, or Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and most other Eastern states in left and right lane courtesy (not that any of them are anywhere close to perfect). - See more at: https://www.motorists.org/blog/lane-courtesy-law-california-cultural-examination/#sthash.fr8wjjr6.dpuf